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Laboratory design should rationalize space

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Laboratory design should rationalize space
Latest company news about Laboratory design should rationalize space

Laboratory experiments should be designed according to required function modules and place equipment. And considering the spatial distribution of rationalization to decide the layout. At the same vision of development should determine the size of the laboratory space. There are many factors that affect the design of laboratory space, such as the size of the number of staff, analytical methods and instruments. Laboratories should be flexible, so that staff feel comfortable, without producing waste.

The size of the work space should ensure that the maximum number of staff working at the same time. The space is divided into effective should clean area (office, lounge, study rooms), the buffer (storage areas, supply area, hallway), contaminated areas (work area, washing area, specimen storage area).

Laboratory design basic principles: people, materials, air to flow; clean areas, buffer zones, contaminated areas to be separated.

In the experiment the designated area should be controlled and the number of transport personnel staff. In the control laboratory path should also be set up some preparation area, where the recipient of the sample or specimen, laboratory personnel and visitors permission to enter the channel. By Staff, automatic transmission, wind power systems or other automation systems transport the sample or specimen. It should also fully consider the intercom and alarms to notify or alarm (such as disasters, fire, samples arrive, or some of its laboratory to seek help, etc.). It should also consider the need to expand laboratory space laboratory designed to extend outwardly or can be moved, so as to meet the future development of laboratory space needed to expand. Transportation systems and computer networks are used to sample or specimen transport and exchange of information between the laboratory and laboratory units and sections. National laws and regulations (national standards and industry standards, etc.) greatly affected the laboratory design in the lab design proposed by architects related regulations.

Before the development of space allocation plan, response equipment, the number of staff, workload, test methods and other factors make a comprehensive analysis and space requirements of the standard to assess and calculate the net area and gross area of ​​the region. Special features of different regions to determine their different space is allocated according to their functions and activities.

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